Argo elementalist


This is a ranged class specializing in the use of the pistol. HP and defense attributes are below but it is compensated by the capacity to deal high damage.

Their primary weapons are small guns and most of their abilities are magic skills. They are capable of dealing huge damage to single target and at the same time, have certain supportive skills for self protection.

The gender of Elementarist is female only.

Skill attack: 7/10
Normal attack: 6/10
Physical defense: 2/10
Magical defense: 7/10 Uses Pistols, Heavy Weapon, Dagger (Female)

Elementarist -Chosen being of high intelligence

The Elementarist It is not possible to get educated to become an elementarist. They are selected by nature. In their early childish years, they get leaded by a mighty vision to find a hidden place. Nobody really knows, what awaits them, but children who come back from their journey feel a strong affinity to nature. They are called "Elementarists" and the spiritual masters of the Floresslah. Their defense abilities are weak, so they are fighting from the distance by using pistols which can cause serious damage to her enemies.


LVL 1Edit

Rapid shotEdit

(A) 8/8 Type:atk


Info: Deal additional dmg

Brain ChargeEdit

(A) 6/6 Type: buff


Info: increase mentality

LVL 5Edit

Crippling ShotEdit

(A) 8/8 Type: atk debuff

Prerequisite: rapid shot

Info: deal dmg and slow

Missile SaturationEdit

(A) 5/5 Type:atk


Info:deal additional dmg

LVL 10Edit

Burst Fire: 3 shotsEdit

(A) 9/9 Type: atk

Prerequisite:rapid shot

Info: deal additional dmg

Ankle's PriceEdit

(A) 5/5 Type:atk debuff

Prerequisite:missle saturation

Info:deal additional dmg and slow

LVL 15Edit

Ice and CharcoalEdit

(A) 2/2 Type:debuff

Prerequisite:burst fire 3 shots

Info:sleep 1 target

Wrist ShotEdit

(A) 8/8 Type:atk debuff

Prerequisite:crippling shot

Info:deal additional dmg and slow atk speed


(A) 2/2 Type:buff


Info:increase speed for a duration

LVL 20Edit

Pyrotechnic ShotEdit

(A) 5/5 Type:atk

Prerequisite:ice and charcoal

Info:deal additional dmg

Upgrade WeaponEdit

(P) 2/2 Type:passive


Info:increase range

Chi ProtectionEdit

(A) 4/4 Type:buff


Info:mana takes some dmg instead of hp

LVL 25Edit

Improved Rocket ShotEdit

(P) 3/3 Type:passive

Prerequisite:wrist shot

Info:add dot to pyrotechic shot

Improved Rapid shotEdit

(P) 3/3 Type:passive


Info:+% chance to stun with rapid shot


(A) 1/1 Type:debuff

Prerequisite:chi protection

Info:immobalize target

Heavy weaponsEdit

(A) 3/3 Type:atk AOE

Prerequisite:Ankles price

Info:deal additional dmg in AOE

LVL 30Edit

Vision blockEdit

(A) 1/1 Type:debuff

Prerequisite:pyrotechic shot

Info:target cant use skills for 3 seconds

Desease BulletEdit

(A) 5/5 Type:atk DOT

Prerequisite:improved rocket shot

Info:deal additional dmg and DOT

Spirit TrainingEdit

(P) 3/3 Type:passive


Info:increase mentality

LVL 35Edit

Risk DetectionEdit

(A) 1/1 Type:buff

Prerequisite:desease bullet

Info:can see invis units for a durartion


(A) 1/1 Type:debuff

Prerequisite:spirit training

Info:target is immobile


(A) 3/3 Type:buff


Info:+chance to crit for a duration

LVL 40Edit


(A) 1/1 Type:debuff

Prerequisite:vision block

Info:remove targets buff

Enhance Rapid ShotEdit

(P) 3/3 Type:passive


Info:+% dmg to rapid shot

LVL 45Edit

Improved Pricision ShootingEdit

(P) 2/2 Type:buff


Info:+% dmg to crippling shot

(Improved Crippling Shot)

Degrade Muscle StrengthEdit

(A) 2/2 Type:debuff


Info:lower targets attack

Wrathful StrikeEdit

(A) 1/1 Type:atk

Prerequisite:heavy weapons

Info:deal additional dmg and DOT

LVL 50Edit

Deep WoundEdit

(A) 1/1 Type:atk DOT

Prerequisite:Risk detection

Info:deal additional dmg and DOT

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