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Q: What are HP/MP/WP?FAQEditEdit

A: HP are health points and indicate your remaining life points. Each hit from an enemy decreases this bar.

MP means mana points and shows you your current remaining power which you use for skills.

WP stands for war points and they are used as a special shield (This is used in pvp.) against enemies. When this bar reaches 0, you will lose HP instead of WP.

Q: What is the "P-Gauge" near your character panel for?FAQEditEdit


This bar fills up by attacking monsters.

When it's completely full it'll give you a small boost in attack and critical rate (indicated by the buff icon on the top right).

You also temporarily increase in size during the activation time and glow red.

Q: What is the "Hit Gauge" under the monster info for?FAQEditEdit

A: This bar fills up by attacking monsters.

Once it's completely full it will give you a "POWER" hit, which has increased damage.

The bar will then reset.

Q: I can't get my game to install/run properlyEdit

A:How to make Argo work
In 10 easy Steps :D
1. Locate file
(a zip file)
2. right click it
3. click "extract all..."
4. on the pop up select desktop
5. wait for loading bar to fill
6. on desk top locate file
(not a zip file)
7. open it
8. open
9. double click
10. install argo
Once installed and done patching if it does not work...
How to fix Argo in 7 Easy Steps :D
1. open launcher
2. Click "Option"
3. Under Game information click "Previous versions"
4. Repeat untill it sais 45 next to "Previous versions"
5. Hit "OK"
6. Wait for it to patch
7. Click "Game Start"

Q:"A network failure has occured" won't let me play ARGO!Edit


G: Protectors skill heros protection has a typo lvl 2 sais 4100 dmg lvl 3 sais 2660 dmg.Edit

A: Lvl 2 should say 1400 dmg

G: Sometimes distant trees and objects will flicker. Edit

A: Graphical glitch hopefully they will fix.

G: Collecting/producing skills bars cancel a lot on there own. Edit

A: Glitch hopefully they will fix soon. Ith affects skill loads too.

A: Should be fixed now.

G: Various Typos EverywhereEdit

A: They are working on it

G: Invisible walls everywhereEdit

A: hopefully they will fix soon

G:Cant Get on After latest patchEdit

A: Open/Options/Previous versions/45

G: NPC wont show up/wont give quest

A: change channel

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