The Field War is an open PvP battle in the "Shine Desert", located on the Naihill continent. The object of the conflict here is to secure the rare mineral known as "Earthdium", shown in the foreground. Twice a day, a large fight breaks out near the Earthdium.

The start times of the battles can be found at the appropriate NPCs.

A global message will be released an hour before, so nobody will miss the fight.
Argo field war


Before the battle begins, all of the fighters of the respective sides will arrive in their base.

1. Noblian Outpost

2. Noblian Mine

3. Mountain housing the Earthdium (Light Portal)

4. Floresslah Mine

5. Floresslah Outpost

The goal is to destroy the enemy mine after the battle begins. The first side to successfully do this will then be granted full access to the Earthdium held within the mountain (Light Portal). The powerful crystal will then protect it's new owner, hitting every enemy as they flee.

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