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Language- English

Lead - DarkScarlet

Info- I am the leader of the Noblian guild Epsilon. Created on June 20th, 2011 and is in the top 15 guilds. We are always accepting new active, English-speaking members of any level.


Language- English ( I believe)(Filipino guild)

Lead-IIIXIII (the I is a letter "i")

Info-THE GUILD: The guild CHEVALIER is a duly assigned faction recognized by the Noblian Faction
as an official force deployed in the existing ARGO Campaign. As a duly recognized organization,
the guild is bound by the general codes and policies stated in the
Alaplaya Terms of Use as well as the faction's policies and guidelines.

TERMINOLOGIES: Members of Chevalier are called "knights"
Whenever a knight logs into the game or logs out, proper greeting will be either "libertas" or "praises", whichever is convenient for him.


Guild First You must always keep in mind that you are not acting alone.
You are acting as a member of Chevalier.

We Recruit the Person We recruit the people behind the character.
If you have an ugly attitude, rest assured that
you will not get into this guild. Despite being a Filipino guild, we encourage
international players from joining us. We understand that having a mixed-race guild can be
difficult due to our diverse beliefs and culture. That will not stop us from
trying, though.

Classified Information Stays Inside If told by the incumbent Lord Knight to keep a matter secret,
then it stays within Chevalier only.

Participate in All Events Whether a guild event, a normal Faction War or a server event,
if you are online, you are expected to join unless the incumbent
Lord Knight tells you to abstain. We understand that due to the timezone's constraints
as well as personal schedules to attend to, some players cannot participate in the ingame events.
To those who can, please participate.

Respect Your Leaders Even if you do not think too highly on them,
the leaders of Chevalier have earned their place.

Back Up Your Guildmates Once you get into Chevalier, you are part of a brotherhood.
If there is a problem that we can help in, rest assured we will do so.

Defend Your Cause As part of the Noblian Faction, you are expected to
aid your fellow Noblians during combat situations.

STANDARDS OF CONDUCT: The guild, in the strongest sense, detests the use, practice and abuse of hacks, bugs and Cheat Engines.

Do Not Abuse your Guildmates We are a brotherhood, yes, but if you joined only to
deceive or to take advantage of us you will be punished severely.

Personal Attacks Are Not Permitted Respect among brothers not only in the guild but also outside the guild.
Each member is called to be the mature one in any arguments.

RECRUITMENT STATUS: Open If you are interested in joining, you may simply try PM'ing the guild master or any knight ingame if he's online. Please understand that since only the guild master is capable of inviting new recruits, it may take a bit of scheduling and timing to be recruited.




Info-I will keep this plain and simple

Asylum is currently Recruiting players. Currently at ~30 players, so few spots remaining.
We would appreciate Healer class as we have several Bombers, Protectors, Warrior in guild.

Message our Guild Leader: Moonlily in game for invite.

Upon doing so, please register on our guild website:






Language- German

Lead- Mortitia


Wir sind eine zielstrebige, sehr aktive aber vorallem GESELLIGE Gilde.

Es sind bei uns alle Jahrgänge und Geschlechter vertreten von Noblin-Noob's bis zu Noblin-Proo's.

Wir bieten einen 30slot TS3 Server, ein externes Gildenforum und ein gut gefüllte Gildenbank für jeden der die Probezeit überdauert :) !

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Info-Hi everyone!!
Serafines (english/spanish guild) looking for new active members, no spanish needed and any lvl are welcome




Info-Hi Guys N' Gals! Einsof is an Ever Growing Community that are immersed in Gaming, Arts, Entertainment, Social Networking and more! We are taking a step by step approach to evolve into one big Community where everyone gathers to bond, share and play together! Everyone and anybody are welcome! Come join us today!




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