Collect Resources, Create Units, Charge into Enemy Positions and Destroy the StrongholdEdit

To take part in the Unit War, both Noblian and Floresslah players can accept quests from NPCs on the town square in the early days. Only Level 31+ players are qualified, but they will be roughly grouped into Level 31-35, Level 36-40 and so on. Players can join in the war alone or in the form of teams. 1 vs. 1, 3 vs.3 and 6 vs. 6 wars are available.

After successfully entering the war, players will be automatically divided to fight. Because of the level restrictions, both sides will be within the same level range. Once the war ends, players can wait 10 minutes to apply for participation again.

The Unit War will be carried out in the exclusive map with two strongholds. Players from both sides can start from their own stronghold, collect stones as resources near the stronghold and buy units from NPCs.

At the beginning of the war, every player has 100 resources. Players should purchase units from NPCs, and the units will be preserved in the barracks and can be called out when necessary. There are no structures to produce units. Players can first pay the Supply Manager for miners with the 100 resources and ask miners to dig stones so as to earn more resources and then buy more miners. As soon as enough resources are gathered, players can buy raiders to aggress on the opponents. That is the basic gameplay of Argo Online’s RTS mode. The side that destructs the hostile stronghold will win the war. If the allowed time is up, but the victory or defeat is not yet decided, the side that gains more points by killing the opposite units will be the winner. When the war comes to an end, no matter players are successful or not, as long as they have participated in the war, they can obtain the “Military Medal” according to their adventure points and receive a “Glorious Certification” able to exchange for high-quality equipment.

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