Argo Shaman


This hybrid class is strong in recovery and support skills. It can turn the tide of the battle with it's summoned monsters strengthened by a variety of comand and support skills.

It focus on summoning more than healing. Their primary weapon is dagger and they summon creatures to gain additional skills. The gender is female only.

Skill attack: 6/10
Normal attack: 7/10
Physical defense: 7/10
Magical defense: 2/10

Shaman -A mystical, intelligent healer

Uses: Dagger, Pistol, Blunt (Female)

The Shaman At the beginning of each academic career, all aspirants need to take a test over 10 years. After succeeding, they receive a membership from the "Sage Circle". Those who fail become expelled from their tribe and doomed to live a life alone in the woods. A member of the "Sage Circle" can choose one of two ways. The "Way of the Shaman" or the "Way of the Druid". Shamans are a hybrid class by leading the battle with summoning units and using recovery and assistance skill.


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