This is probably one of the most complicated or least understandable MMORPGs when it comes to stats and attributes. I have made a begin but there is many stats I still do not understand.

General InformationEdit

Title ScreenEdit

Muscular Strength = Strength
Strength = Stamina

Suggested ShorthandsEdit

Hitpoints - HP
Manapoints - MP
Warpoints -WP
Experience Points - XP or EXP

Strength - STR
Stamina - STM or Stam
Mental Power - Mental
Agility - AGI
Intelligence - INT

Physical Attack Power - P.Att
Physical Accuracy Rate - P.Acc
Physical Critical Attack Rate - P.CAR or P.Crit
Physical Defense Power - P.Def
Physical Evasion Rate - P.Eva
Blocking Rate - BR

Nature Attack Power - N.Att
Nature Accuracy Rate - N.Acc
Nature Critical Attack Rate - N.CAR or N.Crit
Nature Defense Power - N.Def
Nature Evasion Rate - N.Eva
Skill Evasion Rate - S.Eva

Attributes on Character OverviewEdit


P.Atk +0,01
N.Atk +0,01


HP +10

Mental +1Edit

(influence seems to vary somewhat, possibly due to rounding)
N.Def +1
S.Eva +0,01
N.Atk +0,02

Agility +1Edit

P.Acc +0,12
P.Eva +0,03
N.Acc +0,12
N.Eva +0,03

Intelligence +1Edit

MP +10

Block RateEdit

Influence by shield (but not tested yet)

Attributes on WeaponryEdit

Physical Critical Hit +1 P.Atk +0,04

Nature Critical Hit +1 N.Atk +0,04

Physical Dodge+1 P.Eva +0,04

Natural Dodge+1 N.Eva +0,04

Physical Resistance+1 P.Def +1

Natural Resistance+1 N.Def +1

Intellect+1 Int +1

Spirit+1 Mental+1

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for info

Status Edit

Sleep/Frozen - Cannot perform any action for a duration but is cancelled if hit.

Immobalize - Cannot move for a duration.

Immunity - Cannot be damaged or hit with status effects for a duration.

Silence - Cannot Use skills for a duration.

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