Argo taurus


This is a class that can quickly defeat the enemy with the Long Spear's agressive Battle Skills. It's defense tends to lag due to it's preference to a wide variety of offensive skills.

The gender is male only.

Skill attack: 6/10
Normal attack: 7/10
Physical defense: 7/10
Magical defense: 2/10

Main Weapon: Long Spear

Secondary Weapon: Long Sword

Support Weapon: Rifle

Taurus -Gore the enemy – successfully.

The "Tauri" The "Tauri" are aggressive warriors. They get wrested from their family when they turn six years and successfully solve the "Trail of the Taurus". If they succeed, a hard and painful apprenticeship awaits them. This is one of the highest distinctions in the floresslahnian army. This infantry unit is named by the sign of the Zodiac "Taurus", which stands for strength and success. They are mainly educated in the fight with Polearms and long lances.


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